Linggo, Abril 28, 2013

Cash Loans in the Philippines You Can Apply For

Cash Loans
One of the most popular among cash loans in the Philippines is the OFW loan. The reason is because population growth in the number of overseas Filipino workers have significantly increased over the years. I can remember it all started when Saudi Arabia in the Middle East gave way to the deployment of Pinoys working there and receiving quite a large amount of money in return for their professional and skilled service. Today, this has drastically changed. The place no longer offers greener pasture for the skilled and white collar job worker Filipino.

The outcome, OFW loan has been stopped. In the company where I work as a freelance loan consultant, last year was the very low. Today, the lending industry has changed too and many other types of loans were being offered in the Philippines. This includes the taxi loan, doctor's loan, PUJ or jeepney loan, car loan (without taking your car) (OR/CR collateral only), bank loan, personal loan, modified business loan, PUV loan, tricycle loan, motorcycle collateral loan, ATM loan, SSS pension loan, veterans loan, tuition fee loan, placement fee loan, real estate collateral loan and the most popular of them all - the seaman loan.

But then again, this year, the OFW loan has been reopened and offered but with a twist. It is now made available to take advantage ONLY for PRC-licensed holder overseas Filipino workers. Certain conditions were also attached to the new loan offer so the applicants can only qualify if they comply with the pre-qualifying terms and pass or submit the exact and right documentary requirements.

Other types of loans stated above though are only products of the main types of loans and will actually only depend on the borrower's choice where he or she will use the funds or the loanable amount he or she will get out of the loan application getting approved. Such examples would be the tuition fee loan which is just a derivative of application getting approved for either major types of loans like car loan, bank loan, seaman loan, doctor's loan, housing collateral loan, business loan and more as stated above. Putting it simple, you can apply for any of the major types of loans and depending on where you will use it, then you can call it by that name.

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